LOOKING INWARDS After the opening ceremony in November 2016 fifteen clinical departments and institutes moved into a new academic and medical centre in Jena Lobeda The Medical Centre IV benefits particularly from the logical connections between the pediatric clinic pediatric surgery gynaecology and obstetrics departments Natural light and fresh colours a bright atmosphere in both common and pa tient rooms and recognisible leitmotifs and images to facilitate easier orientation throughout the clinic buildings are all key design and feel good elements The Medical Centre II houses the Departments of Internal Medicine Opthalmology Nuclear Medicine Cardiosurgery ENT Urology and Radiology in addition to operating theatres for in and outpatient surgery the University Tumor Centre the Cell Transplant and Dialysis Units and lecture theatres and seminar rooms A convergence of the various user groups results students attending lectures patients in the outpatient areas visitors going to the wards medical staff moving efficiently between departments The logical layout and a coloured hierarchical guidance system with large images pro vides simple orientation to each department The spacious cafeteria suffused with light in the entrance hall welcomes patients staff and vistors alike The view over the adjoining park landscape and the attractive outdoor seating area with its large water feature serves to enhance the quality of each visit Universitätsklinikum Jena 2nd Construction Phase New Building and Expansion Medical Campus18

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