Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt am Main New Building Johanna Quandt Zentrum CARING FOR CHILDREN In the summer of 2017 a further chapter in the continuous 20 year urban development of the southwestern area of the grounds of Frankfurt University Clinic with its boundary clearly defined by a railway line was opened This now provi des the location for the Johanna Quandt Centre connected through sustainability functionality and emotion with the existing Therapy Centre 2004 and Paediatric Clinic 2002 This new pediatric transplantation centre is one of the largest in Germany accommodating experimental research labo ratories clinical study units and a specially equiped ward designed for applying innovative stem cell transplant and cell therapy methodologies The primary aim of the design was to create an awe inspiring and coherent unit which promotes the convalescence of children The defining motive for both the external and interior work tree rings from the bark through to the core mirroring the building exterior through to the most internal spaces creates through form and facade a smooth transition between outdoor surfaces and architecture Inside the new research building s transparent facade elements provide a protected environment in harmony with nature 42

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