Heinrich Braun Klinikum Zwickau New Building Care Unit Haus 6 BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE Maternity wards are typically the best and most positive facilities of every hospital The latest construction works at the Heinrich Braun Clinic in Zwickau are now also the most attractive part of the entire clinic High patient rooms with large format windows overlooking the clinic s park provide not only a particularly high quality stay for young mothers but also a perfectly functional connection to the Neonatal Unit and the gynaecological outpatient department In addition a new four story extension with casualty department radiology operations and care units was completed as part of a necessary programme of concentration and centralisiation measures for the entire clinic facility Undertaking these works during normal clinic operations was particularly challenging Construction work of the 5 new operating theatres immediately adjacent to the existing facilities was often only possible at weekends The new House 6 today accomodates the Opthalmology Gynaecology ENT and OMG units in addition to the central catering unit and staff chang ing rooms The clinic s flagship building stands in front of this functional extension an attractive two story structure with the new main entrance and cafeteria flooded with natural light and the maternity ward described above Visitors are guided past a swarm of coloured fish through the large bright foyer to the central registration desk The aquarium contains a number of typical regional specimens likely to trigger a cheerful and acknowledging smile from the many visitors a fish on wheels as a tribute to the car manufacturing traditions of Zwickau the Piano Fish as a reminder of Robert Schumann s birthplace and the Saxony Fish Healthy as a fish in water is the beholder s wish and the aim of doctors carers nurses and architects alike 56

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