Bürohaus WEFRA Neu Isenburg Redevelopment and Expansion INSPIRED BY A FOREST SETTING Spectacular forest colours stand in formidable contrast to the dense traffic encircling the location of the WEFRA adver tising agency in Frankfurt Expansion of the office building from the 1970 s by some 90 workspaces to the quieter and highly attractive southerly aspect fully optimises the utilisation of the agency s plot The expanded ensemble is redefined by the sculpture the cubature and character of the new construction exposed to the south introvert to the north closed to the west resembling a merchant ship on a long voyage The core of the newly created space is accessed through the existing magistral on the ground floor The conference room and cafeteria are passed enroute without traversing the office areas The new spaces are free of supporting structures allowing variable usage as individual and open plan offices In addition to office space the building provides underground parking meeting areas think boxes stand up work spaces cafe corners lounges open air spaces a creative development area and from each level a tangible treescape through out the year 6

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