Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte Regensburg New Building Museum and Bavariathek PURSUING BAVARIAN HISTORY The unique character of Regensburg s medieval town centre a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its centrally located Cathedral its historical urban layout with countless alleys and squares its interwoven rooftop landscape and the pic turesque setting on the banks of the Danube are each reflected in our design for the Centre of Bavarian History The Centre evolves from its location deliberately foregoing any idiosyncratic posturing and develops a natural linkage and interplay with the city harmoniously blending in with a hitherto open aspect as the view from the Old Bridge clearly illustrates Located at the Hunnenplatz the Centre of Bavarian History adapts the history of the site opening both towards the Da nube and the historic town centre while interweaving the urban structure and the river landscape The building s sculp tured form results from the context of the existing old town while the architectural design concept derives stringently from the understanding of its purpose The roof landscape of the Centre of Bavarian History results directly from the requested elevation profile of the perma nent exhibition therefore successfully fulfilling the museum requirements while authentically integrating it into the roof landscape of the old town The Centre s exterior emphasises the sculptured appearance of the main building form The finely rythmic vertical tex ture conceals openings in its facade thus ensuring this impression Exceptions to this are the large openings towards the town and the Danube and the defining window towards the Cathedral 82

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