Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital New Building Cooling Unit Haus G2 attractively packaged With the completion of its new and attractive central power plant the Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe now has one of the most technically modern and sustainable facilities in Europe The cooling unit a two storey cuboid that guarantees an energy efficient and fail safe cooling supply to the entire hospital area carries nine air cooled water glycol heat ex changers on its roof Furthermore behind its concrete shell clad in coloured aluminium profiles it houses three turbo refrigeration units and a gas transfer station to ensure operation of the new steam and heating centre in the renovated boiler house The brown red and white tones of the refrigeration plant s slatted facade mediate between the exposed position of the new building which is today part of the entrance to the municipal hospital and the immediately adjacent historical partially listed sandstone buildings on the site Together with the installation of the steaming and heating plant in the boiler house the new refrigeration plant repre sents one of the most important components of the clinic s pioneering approach to energy supply 26

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