University Hospital Leipzig New Building Haus 7 curative Nearly ten years after the completion of the Gynaecology and Paediatric units the clinic campus on Liebigstrasse has now been expanded with an important new building element from both a medical and urban planning perspective This has given the Paediatric and Juvenile Medicine units urgently needed space including for the Social Pediatric Centre for Paediatric Oncology with a transplant unit and for an interdisciplinary Psychosomatic Paediatric ward The striking building of the Old Surgery remains the main entrance while the new departments are directly connected to the original building and thus extend the existing areas of Paediatric and Juvenile Medicine With the new Clinical Centre the University Cancer Centre Leipzig and its specialists have been successfully brought together in an independent location The concept is one stop care in one place The large oncology admission area on the ground floor welcomes advises and directs oncological patients to the adjacent spacious day clinic or to the wards on the upper floors The two main users the Cancer Centre and the Paediatric Unit demanded individual design concepts In the Oncology Unit and in the adult wards materials with a warm wooden look elegant white built in furniture and large format photo wallpapers with natural motifs from the Leipzig region create a dignified pleasant atmosphere during the various phases of therapy The children s areas on the other hand are dominated by a bright sunny yellow and abstract cheerful animal motifs lead the children and their chaperones through the house to their rooms and to their beds 30

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