protective On September 27th 2018 the first Childhood House in Germany was opened at the University Hospital Leipzig in the presence of H M Queen Silvia of Sweden This is both a major innovation and a milestone for child protection in Ger many Based on the Scandinavian Barnahus model and supported by the WORLD CHILDHOOD FOUNDATION founded by Queen Silvia the facility cares for children who have become victims of sexual abuse or violence Previously it was necessary to go through an exhausting worrying and lengthy process of investigation and questioning at various insti tutions without appropriate car often resulting in delays in the care and support of children and adolescents as well as re traumatisation In the Childhood House Leipzig children can now be examined and emotionally cared for under one roof by an interdis ciplinary team of doctors psychologists social workers and representatives of the police and judiciary They can also simultaneously make statements necessary for any subsequent investigations The rooms are designed to be suitable for children and radiate a positive homely and trusting atmosphere that is neither reminiscent of a clinic nor a police autho rity there is a dining room a study and of course a living room with toys and colourful framed children s drawings The central element is the small interviewing room a nest with white wooden panelling and comfortable armchairs In this protected area the necessary conversations are conducted and questions asked providing the children with an environ ment with a low threshold to open up and confide in the staff With the help of visual and acoustic technology conver sations can be transmitted to an adjacent room and followed by representatives of the police and judiciary Statements made here receive the same validity as in court The concept therefore serves to establish the truth but at the same time it especially serves the protection and well being of the child University Hospital Leipzig New Building Childhood House44

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