TWOTHOUSANDEIGHTEEN was a year with many faces With great excitement we are looking forward to the completion and coming to life of a series of our projects and observing how they meet the requirements of our contractors and how the conceptional designs prove themselves in everyday life These positive achievements and experiences however were overshadowed towards the end of the year We greatly mourn Guenter Muehleisen our long time Partner of the first generation and Founding Partner of our offices in Hamburg and Dresden He passed away on the 10th of November 2018 after a serious illness Six years ago after his retirement as an active partner Guenter Muehleisen remained an important companion adviser and close friend Golden times is how he referred to his life only a few weeks ago in a remarkable retrospective His very special legacy to us comprises not only his work as an architect but also his exemplary behaviour in our Partnership with colleagues and employees alike his ab solute reliability sensitivity and his humorous serenity We will miss his inspiration and comments including those on our Yearbook which in 2018 again documents a broad spec trum of projects With the opening of the ZIK B CUBE and DZNE in Dresden two different research facilities have moved into a common building and will benefit from the resulting synergy effects in the future State of the art laboratory space has been created in a new institute at the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital as well as the neighbouring energy facility now one of the most sustainable institutions of its kind of Europe Several users now share a new building at the University Hospital Leipzig including the University Cancer Center and the Paediatric and Juvenile Medicine unit A small but very special unit was also realised here Germany s first Childhood House for the protection of abused children Appropriate architecture for the elderly and dementia sufferers was the defining theme of two projects in Dresden and Basel Since the spring the St Joseph Stift Hospital has been able to treat elderly patients in a modern acute geriatric ward and the Felix Platter Spi tal is also nearing completion and is represented here with some first impressions Last but not least the large Department of Internal Medicine at the Saarland University Hospital was completed making it a highly attractive university location We wish you and all of us a happy 2019 a year marked by respect trust joy and health Petra Wörner Stefan Traxler Martin Richter Petra Cleven Christian Strauss Lutz Steuernagel Sven Nebgen

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