St Joseph Stift Hospital Dresden New Building Geriatric Medicine and Central Outpatient Department dementia sensitive Hospital treatment of the elderly still presents great challenges to all concerned It is not enough to treat acute diseases alone A prerequisite for the return of patients to their homes and everyday lives is the preservation or regaining of their independence In this context architecture can complement therapeutic concepts The new Haus West building of the St Joseph Stift Hospital is now a place where the manifold mobility sensory and memory impairments of elderly patients are treated In addition to the new entrance and the central outpatient clinic a modern spacious geriatric department has been established The façade of plaster and brick and the specially designed window elements suggest a residential rather than a clinic building A simple floor plan and linear corridors with a clear arrangement make it easier for dementia and visually impaired patients to orient themselves in the new surroundings For the therapeutic sessions there are specially equipped rooms such as a training kitchen and training bathrooms and a motion path for running and walking exercises The patient rooms are flooded with light being comfortable and spaci ous enough to practice the use of walking aids and wheelchairs Orange and blue are used for orientation and to mark personal areas on patient cabinets and bathroom furniture A particular design and therapy element is the memoboard with a large easy to read wall clock individual patient information and therapy objects In between are empty picture frames which can be filled with a little piece of home personal memorabilia and family photos therefore serving to help the memory orientation and motivation 50

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