Felix Platter Spital Basel New Building Care Unit animating The decision in 2013 by the Canton of the City of Basel to erect a compact new building in the immediate vicinity of the old hospital building enabled the development of the grounds of the Felix Platter Spital The new building architecturally supports all necessary processes and quality requirements of treatment care and nursing training and further educa tion as well as focused research in geriatrics It therefore creates a place where patients can regain vitality and quality of life The completed nursing areas of the centre allow a view into the inner qualities of the new house The architectural con cept exploits all the possibilities of the connections to the lively urban environment in order to encourage patients and their visitors to tour the building The corridors are equipped with oak handrails and comfortable seating niches Small living rooms invite visitors to linger and the bistro on the ground floor which is open to the public welcomes visitors from outside to meet A homely atmosphere is provided by carefully thought out amenities including a lighting concept with integrated indirect lighting invisible wall protection views that help orientation above average size patient rooms and the use of oak wood in combination with earth coloured tones for special places The cubature of the old building its finely structured façade and the delicate concrete elements stylishly representing the clinic architecture of the 1960 s remains unchanged on the outside and serves as a landmark of the neighbourhood In the future it will accommodate various forms of living which will help to create the coexistence of urban and hospital life 58

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