Centre of Bavarian History Regensburg New Building Museum and Bavarian Library SPACE FOR HISTORY UNDER A ROOFSCAPE IN A HISTORICAL SEA OF HOUSES Narrative architecture combines different elements in a meaningful way demands citations from the urban environ ment but also asks for breaches and tension emphasis and contrast The building of the Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg is the narrator being itself part of the history But with its 5 000 square metres of space it is above all the stage and setting for the Bavarian State Museum in which the history of the Free State is traced and the Bavarian history of democracy and culture is contemplated in a pan European context The memory of the city is its layout and the museum building incorporates it once more restoring what was lost In the context of the surroundings the vanished public space of the historical urban fabric is recreated The museum thus revives the former location of Hunnenplatz and Eschergasse within the building The foyer reproduces these former city squares in format and design and its transparency once again connects the old town with the Danube The exhibition hall on the upper floor of the building 2 500 square metres without a single support opens via a long win dow opening to the old town and the Gothic cathedral with an 8x3 metre window set in white metal frame elements in the sense of a traditional quotation In the exhibition space itself light is reduced out of consideration for the preservation and staging of the project arrangements to be viewed and experienced 76

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