The roof of the museum has a folded structure corresponding to the height of the exhibits inside The largest exhibit is the tapestry from the Bavarian State Parliament and here the roof structure reaches its highest point In addition the height and roof landscape of the museum complex are based on the scale of the buildings on the riverside directly re flecting the medieval roof structure of Regensburg s old town Thus in addition to fulfilling the museum requirements the building authentically blends into the historic sea of houses of the UNESCO World Heritage City The material and colours of the museum s façade adapt the characteristics of the Castra Regina the Roman legionary camp on the up per Danube which is regarded as the nucleus of the city of Regensburg The spacious foyer the narrow section of the Eschergasse quarters with reduced light and sun flooded places the building lives from narrowness and width darkness and light urbanism and the river landscape as did once this place in the historic city 79

Vorschau Jahrbuch 2018 - Englisch Seite 79
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