B CUBE Centre for Molecular Bioengineering Technical University Dresden and German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases within the Helmholtz Association New Building innovative A new building for two different research facilities the background to this idea was the use of synergies the promotion of interdisciplinary contacts and the minimization of investment and operating costs Communication begins on the ground floor of the central four storey hall with its common reception lounge and confe rence areas all equipped to a high standard Exposed concrete oak veneer black metal and jointless flooring emphasise the timeless character of the spacious open space A self supporting staircase and a glass elevator connect the foyer with the common meeting rooms and the laboratory and office areas which are clearly assigned to their respective in stitutions in the L shaped building Due to the different research foci and working methods of the two centres they are also strongly differentiated in their building structure At ZIK B CUBE potentially useful natural phenomena are inve stigated at the molecular level and materials with novel properties are developed This part of the building is classically zoned into laboratories ancillary rooms and smaller offices and has a common attractive lounge area for all its staff The research focus of the DZNE is the identification of potentials for the prevention and therapy of neuro degenerative diseases Research and work takes place in innovative open plan laboratories and the common areas are directly con nected to the respective open plan offices The fact that two different users come together under one roof is also documented by the building s outward appearance Fine differentiated façade lines structure the almost white fibre cement panels and finally interlock with each other in the central hall at the heart of the new building At the entrance a sculpture created by the artist Frank Schauseil illustrates the interplay of stability and lightness of strength and fragility of biological structures and also the symbiosis of both research institutions 8

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