With the new NCT building we have been able to realise a project which is only possible at very few univer sity locations throughout Europe linking interdisciplinary cancer research and cancer therapy as closely as possible under one roof In the new building at the Oncology Campus of the University Hospital Dresden top researchers from all over the world will find excellent working conditions and oncology patients can benefit from state of the art scientific knowledge It has been an exciting task to give the NCT s medical signifi cance an unmistakable architectural face by developing an enduring architectural concept with a clear identity and a positive aura The heart of the new building is a unique research platform in the shape of a four leaf clover Four high tech operating theatres and imaging rooms are grouped around a central control room They include the operating theatre of the future with its digitally networked instruments for computer and robot assisted cancer surgery plus state of the art imaging radiotherapy and laboratory units In addition to forming the remarkable floor plan of this platform the four individual leaves of the cloverleaf simulate the elements of NCT s research and therapy concept oncological surgery radiotherapy molecular medicine and medical therapy Patients receive the latter in the interdisciplinary oncology day clinic on the first floor Interdisciplinary work plays a decisive role for success in research and therapy and an essential factor for this is communication With different lounge areas a spacious roof terrace and the adjoining bistro the two storey hall offers space for unconventional exchanges between scientists and medical staff while also providing a relaxed environment for both patients and visitors The cloverleaf motifs located at these points provide a guidance system through the building in different colours green dominates in the research clu ster yellow in the day clinic petrol colour in the laboratory areas The motif is also found in the shiny white futuristic style metal façade and may of course also be associated with the luck of finding a four leaf clover 9

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