In addition to the new building for the Bavarian State Museum the 2013 architectural competition for the House of Bavarian History also included the design of an independent urban structure for the Digital Histo ry Archive The so called Bavariathek is the museum s extension into virtual space and as a multimedia workbench offers innovative possibilities for research and interactive media education It is primarily aimed at school classes and students and provides flexible project and studio rooms with innovative technical equipment such as green screens editing suites and recording booths Users can produce their own films and podcasts here as well as curating virtual exhibitions and thus continuing to build the digital museum making it a unique project to promote media competence among children and young people The heart of the building is the central two story project room on the ground floor for events lectures and presentations All of the museum s activities are bundled here In addition the new building houses the cen tral media archive with digitalised historical data stocks a library and the museum administration Adjacent to the modern museum building the Bavariathek brings together the remaining areas of a signi ficant historical development to form a closed block while simultaneously defining a new square facing the Danube which will provide space for a weekly farmer s market and other events in the future With its light grey broom finish rendering the building stands as a hybrid between the historic plaster fa cades of the surrounding residential buildings and the sharp edged surface of the museum building Its smooth metallic window soffits form a stark contrast to the rough plaster surfaces of the Bavariathek Alt hough their proportions are borrowed from the appearance of the historic window embrasures their angular geometry and materiality link them to the design motifs of their modern neighbour Thus the two new buil dings although different at first glance have a subtle design relationship and form a common counterpoint to the historic city backdrop on the banks of the Danube 33

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