was a challenge for all of us in its exceptionality Dealing with the unprecedented issues surrounding the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic kept us enormously busy However thanks to the flexibility of our clients and the commitment and creativity of our colleagues we were able to react almost immediately to the new situation and ensure our visibility and performance through effective hygiene plans flexible working hours home office working and digital communication The extent to which our work is thematically linked to the Corona issue is well illustrated by our many projects in the healthcare sector that have been completed or are still under construction whose performance now had to prove itself in these new circumstances As specialists for clinics and research buildings we have a special responsibility to plan flexible and functional buildings with a mission to create a pleasant and therapeutic atmosphere Once again we are convinced of the meaningfulness of our work and are proud and very grateful to be able to rise time and again to these challenging and fascinating tasks The past year also gave us much cause for joy successful competition entries new exciting assignments awards and prizes and the establishment of our fourth office location in Basel Many of our projects are nearing completion The two realised projects in this yearbook provide an appropriate representation of the entire spectrum of our work the Bavariathek in Regensburg as an example of cultural and educational buildings and the National Centre for Tumor Diseases NCT at the University Hospital Dresden as an exceptional example of our research and clinical projects At the end of 2020 Lutz Steuernagel stepped down as managing director and partner of wörner traxler richter but will con tinue to support us with his expertise in an advisory capacity We wish him all the best on his new path and look forward to future collaborations and encounters Because the uncertainties and restrictions facing us all are not yet over our annual wish for health and optimism takes on a very special meaning Sacrificing numerous personal encounters outside of our project work will remain for some time one of the great losses of this period All the more aware of our common responsibility we wish you and all of us the very best for the coming year Petra Wörner Martin Richter Petra Cleven Lutz Steuernagel Christian Strauss Sven Nebgen Björn Bischoff Sebastian Pfau Ralf Löw

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