gen G rundriss P flege M 1 1000 D ruckdatum 12 10 2021 V iD ia The wards are organised in a ring around an inner courtyard all rooms face outwards and offer wonderful views of the landscape framed by a large wooden element HAUS M and Grundriss OP Geschoss M 1 1500 Druckdatum 13 10 2021 Modularity creates the prerequisite for the adaptability of a building with this degree of complexity The clus ter shaped floor plan structure is continued on the intensive care level with ward units for almost 80 beds as well as on the so called interventional floor with 20 day lit operating theatres organised in units with their respective infrastructure The clusters enable isolation with simultaneous interdisciplinary usability healing ViDia Christian Clinics Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital House M healing

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