A school building from the 1960s in Königsbrunn Bavaria was no longer able to meet today s structural and educational requirements Thus in addition to the complete refurbishment of an existing building wing with the after school care centre the school authority also decided to build a new extension At the begin ning of 2021 the Königsbrunn Nord primary school was reopened in the newly constructed main building with the teaching and craft rooms as well as the school offices New buildings for the assembly hall catering kitchen and library will fol low The award winning competition design for the Adorno Gymnasium with primary school and sports halls was developed together with Mijaa Raummanufaktur Architekten Frankfurt and TOPOTEK 1 Berlin The school and sports centre on the Miquelallee in Frankfurt is planned for 2 500 pupils A design that was awarded a prize in a negotiated procedure envisaged the con struction of a grammar school and a secondary school on the school Campus Dösner Weg in Leipzig In the meantime the city of Leipzig is implementing a pi lot project here namely the construction of a community school with five primary classes a grammar school and a secondary school The necessary re planning is currently underway and the school building is scheduled to open at the beginning of the 2026 2027 school year The design for the new construction of a primary school in Burlafingen Neu Ulm in Bavaria was awarded 1st place in a negotiated procedure last year The project is currently in the design planning phase and is expected to be completed in 2024 In Mannheim a campus of the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg is being built for the pioneering study programme MaReCum An architectural competition was held last year for this project and the winning design is now being planned in more detail in collaboration with Mijaa Raummanufaktur Architekten Frankfurt In addition to the urban development of the campus grounds and the planning of the new teaching and lecture halls and laboratories the design also integrates the listed boiler house healing University Hospital Dresden Radiotherapy

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