researching Designing the structural environment for cutting edge research is one of our most interesting tasks This involves the appropriate content related know how for the development of high tech workplaces and highly complex labora tories but also the creation of an inspiring atmosphere in these spaces And creating places for communication and interdisciplinary exchange between sci entists and researchers The Molecular Biology Research Laboratory MFL a modern laboratory centre has now gone into operation on the campus of the Dresden University Hospital following the start of the project in 2017 Here experts from pathology and clini cal genetics together with oncologists conduct intensive research in the field of cancer medicine The new Fraunhofer Institute for Translational Medicine and Pharmacology is being built in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt University Hospital The institute is dedicated to researching the molecular and pathophysiological causes of di seases that have so far been insufficiently treatable in the indication areas of pain multiple sclerosis sepsis inflammation and autoimmunity In addition to labora tory space modern office and seminar rooms will be created for the staff by 2024 On behalf of the DKFZ the University Hospital Dresden is planning the new Ger man Cancer Research Centre on its Medical Campus an oncological research facility with laboratories prevention outpatient clinic robotic biobank and a repre sentative entrance area with exhibition space The research campus of the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden is being expanded by a new building complex with laboratories a technical centre and meeting places for interdisciplinary cooperation for its application oriented research in the fields of energy mobility health sustainability and communica tion A separate guiding colour for each learning cluster creates the best possible orientation in the building and at the same time a positive and child friendly room atmosphere The classrooms offer sufficient storage space for school bags books and work materials Equipped with flexible furniture and variable wall rail and blackboard systems they can be adapted to different teaching and learning situations Königsbrunn Nord primary school learning

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