The confessional hospital group ViDia Christian Clinics Karlsruhe provides the complete spectrum of acute medicine for the region of the Middle Upper Rhine and the northern part of the Black Forest In order to guarantee sustainable high quality care and treatment as well as attractive jobs a decision was made some years ago to merge the clinic buildings scattered around the city and to build a replacement building on the site of the main building from the 1970 s The first major construction phase has now been completed seven years after the winning design of the architectural competition was awarded A high rise building for state of the art medicine is being built for the German Heart Centre of the Charité Berlin on its Virchow Klinikum campus right on the Spree Canal a building task that is outstanding both in terms of content but also architecturally and in the context of urban development Awarded first place in the competition and contract award procedure in the summer of 2021 the design is now being further developed and specified and will be ready for approval in the coming months With the Nouveau Bâtiment Centre the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg is planning a new building on the CHL hospital grounds as well as the modernisation and conversion of some existing parts of the building The award winning design from 2016 is currently being planned and realised in collaboration with M3 Archi tectes Luxembourg At the University Hospital Dresden the existing linear accelerators in the Clinic and Polyclinic for Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology are being replaced with state of the art equipment and while a positive spatial atmosphere is simulta neously being created for the patients Our design submitted in an architectural competition for a large replacement building for the Ortenau Clinic at its location in Offenburg Baden was awarded a recognition healing Our special expertise is the creation of spaces for healing and being healed for the sick and convalescent for their relatives and of course for all those working in these spaces whether in a medical nursing caring or other capa city Special buildings therefore of which we present our currently completed projects and a selection of projects in planning

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