experiencing Each new building is of course experienced in its entirety by its users but there are places where this experience is particularly prominent cosy and de lightful spaces in a fine restaurant for example or even the casual atmosphere of a sports centre Such projects are also part of our work spectrum Together with Mijaa Raummanufaktur Architekten Frankfurt we developed the main concept for the realisation of a residential quarter in Frankfurt s Niederrad district for private clients The location is characterised by the special location of Waldfriedstraße in a villa district developed at the beginning of the 20th century In the meantime all of the more than thirty flats in the four modern multi family villas at Frankfurt s surrounding city forest have been occupied A high rise office building in Karlsruhe was transformed into a staff housing building for trainees of the neighbouring ViDia Hospital Started in 2018 with initi al planning the project was completed this year The façade remained untouched while the interior was completely converted within the structural system The 1st prize in a façade competition for the Schlosseck Quartier VII 1 served as the basis for the exterior design of the residential building in a renowned location in Dresden s city centre between Dresden Castle Neumarkt and the Palace of Culture It was completed at the end of the year g The design of residential buildings is something very personal Whether long term or temporary one s own four walls offer space for development and individuality Particularly appealing is the development of entire housing esta tes the spatial linking of exterior and interior worlds the interlocking of public and private spaces

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