gen Schwarzplan M 1 5000 Druckdatum 13 10 2021 ViDia The orthogonal urban structure of the Beiertheimer Feld in Karlsruhe requi res a consistent embedding of the new building of the ViDia Christian Clinics Karlsruhe However the urban situation also allows a concept and typology for the building that is conceived from the internal organizational requirements and Schwarzplan M 1 5000 Druckdatum 13 10 2021 HAUS M The development axes of the new building in terms of urban planning were determined by the existing hospital complex of which some buildings are listed House M of the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital represents the new centre and connects all the adjacent hospital units with a central magis trale that povides a clear new identity The permeability of the urban cha racter is preserved and the different heights proportions and materials are harmonised healing ViDia Christian Clinics Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital House M healing

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