Petra Wörner Martin Richter Petra Cleven Christian Strauss Sven Nebgen Björn Bischoff Sebastian Pfau Ralf Löw Christian Xyländer Claudia Drahotta The longevity of a building is of course also determined by its logical integration into the urban context its design and aesthetics materiality and colour orientation and lighting These characteristics need to convince over the long term In this sense the architecture of our healthcare buildings contributes its very own part to the recovery of patients an essential factor that we have focused on for a long time However in addition to the ill and those in need of care we also place particular emphasis on those who provide the medical and nursing care We call this Appreciative Architecture and by this we mean the social and societal responsibility that we assume with our buildings Against this background we invite your curiosity about the projects we realised this year and our numerous concepts in the planning stage We wish you and all of us a healthy and happy and a more peaceful New Year

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