Appreciative Architecture A young nurse begins his duty at the hospital early in the morning He uses the staff entrance takes the lift to the basement and changes his clothes in the spartanic changing rooms He takes the lift or the staircase depending on his daily form up to his ward and starts his shift Eight hours later he returns by the same route The day has flown by One of his patients has made great progress His care has certainly played its part in this positive development These moments make him happy every time Another patient had to be transferred to the intensive care unit despite the efforts of the entire team In these situations the young nurse finds it extremely important to take a breather during the breaks to exchange ideas with his colleagues They are a committed and sympathetic group and support each other well However everything is in short supply time and space The sixteen square metre staff lounge is available but it is cramped and with a view of the technical centre opposite also unwelcoming He only gets to reflect on the day and regenerate in the evening during a session in the gym When his girlfriend talks about her day she talks about a completely different working environment she works for an insurance company and her working day begins with a cappuccino at the stylish bar in the middle of the spacious office landscape She also likes to meet up with her team here for short informal chats in between The workplaces are bright and ergonomically designed and lounge areas with their comfortable seating are inviting for breaks She appreciates this environment very much and feels extremely comfortable and motivated here From time to time the young nurse feels a certain envy couldn t the working day in a hospital look like this A young nurse starts his duty at the hospital early in the morning He enters the bright attractive entrance hall through the main entrance and takes the lift to the sixth floor directly to the staff level designed for him His gaze falls through the large windows onto the morning metropolis He observes the awakening of the city for a brief moment and changes his clothes in the changing lounge In order to treat himself to another espresso at the small bar he has arrived an extra five minutes early The young nurse enjoys this start to each day and eagerly awaits going up to his ward because there are also these places for him and his team here which are bright spacious and offer great views for short breaks to relax At lunchtime he relaxes briefly in the park on the large roof terrace Once again this working day has flown by He feels exhausted but is looking forward to the next hour in a few minutes he will meet a colleague on the fitness track on the staff level for a run on the 400 metre track on the roof terrace followed by an after work beer

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